Who Is Adriano Zumbo’s Wife? Details About His Personal Life

If you haven’t binge-watched Season 2 of Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix, what are you waiting for?! The baking competition returned with more wacky challenges that make our mouths water just thinking about them!

Co-host and chef Adriano Zumbo once again lives up to his moniker as “Australia’s Willy Wonka,” but what else is there to know about the food connoisseur? Below, we answer some of fans’ most frequently asked questions about the 38-year-old.

Does Adriano Zumbo have kids?

The pastry chef isn’t a father yet, but he’d like to become one! When asked if he wanted kids in a 2018 interview, Adriano said, “Definitely. Just two is good.” He’d also love to start a traveling cooking show with Nelly.

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His excitement over the possibility of starring in another series was a far cry from how he felt a few months later while filming the second season of Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

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In an Instagram post published the same day 10 new episodes dropped on Netflix, Adriano confessed that the competition was shot during the “hardest, [most] emotional, and most challenging” time of his life. 

“What I had worked for endlessly 24/7 for the past 12 [years] fell apart in front of me from my mistakes and financial difficulties,” he wrote, referring to his food empire’s accumulation of $10 million worth of debt. “The reality is everything you pray to go your way doesn’t always happen. And you unintentionally let a lot of good people down.”

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Adriano revealed he felt like a fraud hosting Zumbo’s Just Desserts while his company collapsed around him. “Every day going to the studio I felt unworthy of being in the role I was in…” he shared. “How could I be this colorful, fun Dessert Maker host when everything that probably got me this opportunity was failing?”

But with the return of his cooking series and the success of his stint on Netflix’s Sugar Rush, it looks like things might be turning around for the baking genius.

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