Who Is Actor Max Minghella’s Girlfriend? Everything We Know So Far

Before he was on The Handmaid’s Tale, actor Max Minghella made a name for himself in movies such as The Social Network (where he played real-life CEO Divya Narendra) and Teen Spirit, a musical film he wrote and directed himself. Now, he’s most recognizable to audiences everywhere as June’s (Elizabeth Moss) love interest on The Handmaid’s Tale, but who is he dating in real life? Read on to find out what we know about Max Minghella’s girlfriend.

So, who is Max Minghella’s girlfriend? She starred in his directorial debut.

If you don’t remember the 2018 film Teen Spirit, here’s a brief synopsis. The film is centered around Violet, a young woman from the Isle of Wight who dreams of becoming a pop star to escape her seemingly desolate life. Through an unlikely mentor, she enters an international singing competition called Teen Spirit UK that will test her in many ways.

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The star of Teen Spirit is indie darling Elle Fanning, younger sister of fellow actress Dakota Fanning. Elle and Max met on the Teen Spirit set, but fans didn’t begin to see a romance blossom until July 2018, when they were spotted holding hands in Italy. In August of the same year, they were also seen out on a date in London.

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Max and Elle made their public debut as a couple in May 2019 at the Met Gala, and in 2019 Elle told Entertainment Tonight, “I mean, we just really love working together. That was, like, very special, and he’s such a good friend.” Similarly, Max kept a tight lid on details about their relationship but praised Elle’s talents to the highest degree.

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Max said Elle was “the only actress who could have carried” his film. “It’s an incredible list of requirements. You have to be able to sing, you have to be able to dance, you’ve got to, you know, be able to speak Polish convincingly, do the British accent,” he told ET. “It’s a lot for one person, and she just handled everything with such discipline. … She did all of her singing live. It’s amazing, it’s an amazing piece of work.”

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According to an interview with Esquire (as per Elle magazine), Max self-identifies as a “serial monogamist,” and he’s never dated anyone he didn’t want to marry. Esquire seemingly confirmed Max and Elle’s relationship in 2019, writing, “Yes. He’s in a relationship. Yes. His mother has met her. No. Don’t believe the Internet about who it is. Many of the women he’s said to have dated, he’s never even met.”

Many have noted that Max and Elle have a 12-year age gap between them, with Max being 35 and Elle 23 years old. Despite such an age difference, Elle and Max appear to be happy together, albeit more private about their relationship. The pair don’t post photos of each other on social media and appear to have quarantined separately, but they did apparently adopt an adorable puppy together in 2020. 

A happy ending for the happy couple!

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