Who Did Tekashi 6ix9ine Snitch On? The Rapper Could Be in Danger

6ix9ine  was sentenced to two years in prison for racketeering and firearm charges. The reason his sentenced was cut down so significantly (the New York Times originally reported back in September, 2019, that he could face life in prison) is because he helped federal prosecutors by telling them key information about the gang with whom he was involved (aka, the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods). Some of intel he shared included his involvement in “robberies, assaults, drugs,” per the NYT.

If you’ve seen movies or shows about defendants who become informants (like in Orange is the New Black, for instance), then you know how dangerous of a place that puts 6ix9ine in. Case in point, prosecutor Michael D. Longyear, who was involved in the case, stated, “He’ll have to look over his shoulder,” per the NYT

While many informants or individuals who testify against dangerous people become part of the Witness Protection Program, 6ix9ine didn’t want to because he wants to return back to music when he’s finished serving his sentence. But will the rapper be safe if he’s considered a “snitch”? Judge Paul Engelmayer stated, “Your cooperation was courageous. The danger to you is multiplied by your music career, which I understand you intend to continue. The fact that you are unusually recognizable does not help you.”

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