Who Are the Comedians Married To? — Details

At 44, Joe Gatto is actually the only Joker who’s married. Joe and his wife Bessy have been married since September 2013 and welcomed their first child together, daughter Milana, two years later. They had their second baby, son Remington, in 2017.

Bessy is a part-time actress who’s appeared on Impractical Jokers and Jokers Wild and also manages her husband’s social media accounts. 

Bessy is a proud vegan who advocates for animal rights with her husband. 

They are supporters of the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement that encourages people to adopt pets from shelters rather than purchase them from breeders. 

Together, the couple also has a pack of nine dogs with adorable Italian names: Spumoni, Biscotti, Tartufo, Napoleon, Cannoli, Struffoli, Ganache, Panna, and Cotta.

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