Who Are Jason Wahler’s Parents? How Did They Deal With His Addiction?

But Jason’s life isn’t the only one that was affected by his actions. His parents also dealt with some of the ramifications of his alcohol addiction. So, who are Jason Wahler’s parents and do they have a strong relationship with their son now?

Who are Jason Wahler’s parents?

Jason is the only child of Rick and Denese Wahler. Although it’s unclear what his mom does for a living, Jason’s dad works in real estate development. According to his LinkedIn, Rick is an advisor at Trivest Builders, Inc., a contracting company that specializes in commercial and residential buildings. On his own website, Jason says that he has a great relationship with his parents now, but that may not have always been the case.

Jason explains that fame brought a lot of stress on his parents. When Laguna Beach first aired, Jason says it felt like everyone all of a sudden knew who he was. Even though he loved the attention, he didn’t like that people would stand outside of his parents’ house just to try and get pictures of them. But fame isn’t the only aspect of his life that Jason says had a negative effect on his family.

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“I saw exactly how my drinking was affecting my parents,” Jason writes in the “History” section of his bio. “My dad, who is my hero and in my mind walked around with a Superman ‘S’ on his shirt, sat in his chair a defeated man.” He recalls his mom and dad basically waiting for a phone call telling them their son had died.

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