Who Are ‘Growing up Hip Hop’ Star Briana Latrise Kamara’s Parents?

You can’t pick your family, and this is especially true for reality TV stars. Throughout the years, we’ve seen celebrity families document their ups and downs on shows like Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn, Keeping up With the Kardashians, and Growing up Hip Hop, and while they may have their share of differences, they always seem to come to an understanding.

Briana from ‘Growing up Hip Hop’ and her parents have a rough history.

While it is well-known that Briana Latrise is the daughter of record executive Kendu Issacs, her mother chooses to remain anonymous. Kendu and Briana’s mother welcomed Briana when they were only teenagers, and their relationship was short-lived.

Kendu ultimately married Briana’s ex-stepmother, Maurine, when Briana was only 5 years old. Maurine gave birth to two more children before they divorced eight years later.

It was around this time that Briana began acting out and using drugs. In the past, Briana opened up about her tumultuous childhood and revealed that her mother kicked her out when she was only 12 years old. She told Interrupted Blogs, “Until this day, we just don’t see eye-to-eye on things. We just learned to tolerate each other’s opinions and standpoints, by respecting one another. Back then, it was like two kids arguing with one another.”

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She continued, “I’m so different from my mother that it irritates her, but in many ways that we are the same. We irritate each other.” Briana was also candid about her relationship with her father, or lack thereof. She added, “I look and move the same as him, but our thought process is the complete opposite.”

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In 2018, Briana took to social media to document the details of her relationship with her now-estranged father, who she said had been absent her entire life. She wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, “Legit only have three pictures of us together. … I honestly made every excuse for you. Every single one. … But the reality is …you’re garbage.”

Kendu Issacs

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She added that although she had been told to cut ties with her father, she had loved him unconditionally. Unfortunately, Briana felt that his love was unrequited. She wrote, “Raven told me to stop f–king with you, my mom said it, just about every friend I ever had … Because dealing with you in any capacity leaves me broken.”

She continued, “I literally do not have the support of a family and at this point. I wouldn’t want it anyway cause I don’t trust you people. [N-word]s in the street always treated me better. I got left in the woods with the wolves but I didn’t f–king die so expected some PTSD and some feral tendencies.”

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Kendu Issacs and Mary J. Blige

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In her message, which was written around the time that Kendu Issacs was in the midst of a messy divorce with his ex-wife, Mary J. Blige, Briana criticized her father for valuing his romantic relationships more than his relationship with her.

During the divorce proceedings, it was revealed that Kendu had spent more than $420,000 on his mistress. But how much is Kendu Issacs worth now?

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