Who Are Gloria Estefan’s Kids? Details on Her Children

After attending college, Emily took off on her own to pursue a career in music. She wrote, recorded, produced, and performed her debut album “Take Whatever You Want” at her own recording studio, Fairy Light Studios in Boston. Her mother, Gloria, directed the debut single from the album, “F–k to Be.” She also founded her own music label, Alien Shrimp Records, where she would not only record and launch her own music but also help new and emerging artists.

“You make me feel like home. Like the sound of water on fire. The sigh after a drink on a 102 degree miami day. We work together, grow together, as does our love. Our trust. Our depth,” she wrote. “We only have a short time on this planet, every second is a gift. Each second I spend on you is one I know I use wisely. I love you my baby. Happy 26th birthday to you my love. My home. Te amo. May we swim in the blessing of our love eternally.”

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