Who Are Donald Glover’s Sons? He Just Had a Third Child

Donald’s third child was named after his father, Donald Glover Sr. 

“It was such an intense, weird moment, because I’m watching that video and it’s like eight minutes long, so you’re sitting there and I had just had this amazing, joyful, expanding moment, plus my dad had passed away recently, so [my son] was named after my father,” he explained. “I don’t even know what, really, the word is to describe it. It was just expanding: the empathy and compassion and the terror and the joy of it.” 

Donald is also thinking about more kids, although he’s not sure how he’s going to have them. Michaela told him that she was planning to freeze her eggs, and Donald said that he may do something similar with his sperm. He’s also considered adoption, possibly in order to get some gender diversity in his family. 

“Because adopting kids, my family adopting kids … And we actually have been talking about [it], because we have three boys so I’m like, ‘Oh, it might be nice to get a girl in there,'” Donald explained. “So I think all those are great options. But it is hard.” Before the birth of his most recent son, Donald also had two other sons with Michelle. 

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