Who Are Demi Lovato’s Sisters? How Many Sisters Does Demi Have?

Out of all of Demi’s sisters, it looks like Amber keeps the lowest profile, but it’s also reported that the two didn’t even meet until 2013. But according to Demi’s Fandom page, Amber didn’t get in contact with Demi at first because she didn’t want to come across like she wanted things from the former Disney star. 

Other than that, not much is known about her. She apparently is in her 30s and is Demi’s half-sister on her biological father’s side. 

Demi has been open about never having a good relationship with her biological father, Patrick Lovato. He died in 2013, although there was no reason publicly given aside from the news that he was battling cancer toward the end of his life. 

According to Billboard, Demi had been estranged from Patrick since 2007. A 2015 article by MTV says that Demi’s song “For the Love of a Daughter” from her album “Unbroken” is about how his alcoholism took such a toll on her. 

In a 2009 interview with The New York Daily News, Demi said that she stopped communicating with her father. “I had to cut off all connection,” she said. “It was hurting me too much. Writing about that subject on the album will probably surprise some people.”

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