Who Are Arica Himmel’s Parents? ‘Mixed-ish’ Star’s Mom Is Famous

Bow and her siblings are faced with social challenges daily, and the show highlights the importance of finding one’s identity even as the world attempts to label you. The 15-year-old budding actress previously opened up about how she personally relates to her character Bow’s storyline explaining that she comes from a biracial family.

Arica Himmel is biracial like her character on ‘Mixed-ish’ — Meet her parents!

Though Arica is a budding young actress, she definitely has stage presence in her blood. Her mother is Liberian-born singer Zelma Davis who rose to fame with her dance hits, such as the single with C + C Music Factory, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”

Arica’s father, Brandon Himmel, works as a real estate agent.

After being cast on the series as the titular character, the teen opened up about how she personally connected to Bow. 

“Even though I’ve grown up in New York in a diverse community and a diverse school, sometimes I’m in situations where I’m kind of forced to choose a side,” the actor told Bustle about growing up in a mixed family. “I feel like I can’t really choose between white and Black, and it’s a little confusing.”

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Additionally, she told the BUILD host that storylines on the show and her real life sometimes overlap. “I feel like the whole family thing,” Arica stated when asked about relating to the scripts in Mixed-ish. “You have one side of your family and people expect you to act a certain way and you feel pressured when you’re out in public because when you’re with one person you have different experiences than when you’re with your other family member.” 

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