Where Was ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Filmed? How to Visit Places From the Show

While Schitt’s Creek isn’t an actual town, much of the show was filmed on location in Goodwood, Ontario. Fans of the show can actually go and visit many of the usual hangouts featured in the show.

For example, Rose Apothecary was filmed in Romni Goodwood, a wool and craft shop in the town. The town hall and Bob’s Garage are also locations in Goodwood you can visit, and many fans have shared their photos of these places online (though be sure to be respectful of those who live there).

Cafe Tropical was actually a private house, so, unfortunately, you can’t visit it in real life, but you can take a photo outside of it.

Other notable filming locations include Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, where Patrick’s heartfelt proposal to David was done. Located in Milton, Ontario, about an hour outside of Goodwood, you can hike to the spot that Patrick popped the question to David on your own (and get some cute pictures with your significant other there).

You can even have David and Patrick’s dream wedding at Graydon Manor Hall, a mansion in Toronto where the couple hoped to have their wedding (for a hefty price, of course).

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