Where She Is Since the SLC Scandal

Larry Ray, the man who indoctrinated his daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College classmates into a cult exposed last year by New York Magazine’s The Cut, was indicted on Feb. 11, 2020 for sex trafficking, extortion, conspiracy and other charges.

As the story, titled “The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence,” details, Sarah Lawrence student Talia Ray invited her father to crash at her dorm at the beginning of sophomore year and he essentially never left. Then, over the course of nearly a decade, he lured and groomed Talia’s roommates into a sex cult.

“He allegedly used psychological torture and physical violence to keep his victims under his thumb and force them to do his bidding,” The New York Post‘s account of the case read. 

But where is Larry’s daughter Talia Ray now, in the wake of her father’s indictment? 

Who is Talia Ray? Larry Ray’s daughter was once his biggest defender.

Talia Ray is where this whole story begins. In 2010, while she was a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence living with seven of her classmates, she invited her father to crash with them “for a while,” per the piece, after he got out of prison.

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As the Post reports, it seems as though Larry’s behavior of preying on a victim and alienating them from their loved ones wasn’t exclusive to his daughter’s classmates. In fact, he did something quite similar to Talia and his other daughter, Ava — and these days, Talia is looking to bridge that gap.

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larry ray talia ray now

Where is Talia Ray now and how is she doing?

Now 30, Talia Ray is eager to reconnect with her sister Ava, after their relationship was broken when their father tried to get Talia to side with him with regards to abuse allegations against the girls’ mother. As The Cut piece puts it, Talia would explain to her friends that Larry had “been sent to prison for his heroic efforts to save [Talia] and her younger sister from their abusive mother,” prior to moving to Sarah Lawrence’s dorms.

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Talia’s Twitter account, while set to private, has a bio that reads “AVA I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU EVERY DAY! xoxo always, Your Big Sister.” Back in 2004, when her parents were divorcing, Larry coerced a teenage Talia to invent instances of physical abuse at the hands of her mom.

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These days, in addition to pleading to reconnect with her younger sister, who she says in a Vimeo clip, she hasn’t seen since 2005, Talia works at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, which is based out of Durham, N.C., where she works as a paralegal. 

Prior to that, she was a campaign manager for Lowell Simon as he ran for a seat in the House of Representatives, per Talia’s Facebook page. She hasn’t commented on her father’s case on any public social media platforms.

As for little sister Ava, The Post reports she is now 19 and attending Rutgers University. According to what Larry told The Cut last April, he and his eldest daughter “still talk almost every day.”

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