Where Is ‘The Voice’ Season 17 Runner-Up, Katie Kadan, Now?

Katie definitely stood out on The Voice not just for her amazing voice but her show-stopping look. She was never afraid to be herself and let her look speak for itself. She was happy to face her fears and insecurities if it would help others. 

She explained to Parade, “If my story helps a couple of people, then I’ve done my job because it’s scary. It’s scary to be vulnerable. It’s scary to put yourself out there, to talk about your insecurities, and to work through that whole process. Then, to have people reach out and say, ‘I feel braver because I watched your story, and it makes me want to step out. It makes me want to put on some color. It makes me want to stop telling myself that I don’t like myself anymore,’ that’s awesome.”

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/the-voice-katie-kaden-now

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