Where Is the ‘Big Brother’ House Located? Here’s What We Know

Reality TV show Big Brother is one of those programs that seems to espouse and reward duplicity as a virtue. Winners live and die by their skills of manipulation and skullduggery. While the biggest selling point of the show is that all of the comings and goings in the house are broadcast for viewers to see, there are still some aspects of it shrouded in mystery. For example, where is the show’s famous house located?

Who are the most hated ‘Big Brother’ winners/personalities?

It’s kind of hard to really root for anyone who manipulates everyone around them for a big cash prize, who sells their humanity for 15 minutes of fame and a paycheck,

Some of the folks who have won the show were vilified by many fans of the series.

Adam Jasinski is one of those. The Big Brother season 9 winner used his earnings from the show to fund a drug ring, allegedly, of course. Oh, and he made fun of disabled children.

Danielle Reyes was hated so much that production changed the rules of the game and didn’t let the disqualified players see diary room footage that could sway them into voting for someone else. Danielle became the runner-up as a result.

Paul Abrahamian’s backstabbing ways and personality also seemed to grind jurors’ gears. It’s why he was the runner-up twice but didn’t take home the top prize.

Dick Donato was also seen as a bully, but his uncaring attitude towards the game and upfront approach about his grimy tactics got him to the very end of his season…with his daughter Danielle.

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Shannon Dragoo was straight-up inimical. She acted like she was better than everyone else in the house and even scrubbed a toilet with another contestant’s toothbrush. No wonder why she was voted ninth.

Aaryn Gries was probably more hated: She was booed out of the house when her time was up and was even dropped by her modeling agency following comments many deemed as homophobic and racist.

Chima Simone was ejected from the game after taking her microphone pack off and throwing it in a jacuzzi following a rant against producer manipulation in the game.

Rachel Reilly, however, played the game to the tee. Despite managing to annoy those around her and the millions watching at home, she actually won after appearing in the series a second time.

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