Where Is She Now? Details on Her Life

Six months after the episode aired, Karley revealed that she and Tony had split. And in March 2020, she offered an update on her life as a single mom in an episode of the Anything But Good podcast, revealing that she was working full-time and that her kindergarten-age girls were practically joined at the hip.

“I do like the fact that they have that one constant,” she said. “Me and their dad aren’t together, so sometimes I have to leave them for work, or [their dad] has to leave them for work, but they always have that one constant with each other. They always have the comfort of their sister, and they’re totally inseparable. They can’t do anything without each other. I like that I don’t have to feel guilty, although I still feel guilty about leaving them. Mom guilt is a real thing. At least they always have someone there that they’re truly comfortable with.”

At the time, Karley had no plan on expanding the family: “That’s the good thing about having twins, is that I never want any more kids, so I don’t feel bad about them being an only child. They have a sibling and I don’t have to feel bad about not giving them another one.”

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