Where Is May Britt Now? Sammy Davis Jr.’s Ex-Wife Lost Her Daughter

The death of Sammy Davis Jr.’s daughter, Tracey Davis, has left many surprised. Tracey was just 59, and an official cause of death has not yet been determined. Tracey was best known for writing two books about her relationship with her late father, Sammy Davis Jr.: My Father and Sammy Davis Jr.: A Personal Journey With My Father. The books detail her time with her father, but Tracey’s mother, May Britt, is still more of a mystery. 

There’s a Sammy Davis Jr. movie in development.

Sammy Davis Jr. has been portrayed on screen in the past, but he’s never had an entire film dedicated to his story. In October, though, Variety announced that a Sammy Davis Jr. biopic was in the works based on Tracey’s first book, and produced by Lena Waithe. At the time, Tracey expressed enthusiasm about the film, and about the idea that her father’s story would be told to a larger audience. 

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“I am thrilled to know my father’s life, both private and public, will be brought to the big screen with this team of storytellers,” Tracey said when the movie was first announced. “He and my mother May Britt took on the world, choosing love and compassion over hatred and bigotry, and I am a product of that decision.”

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