Where Is Mark Weinberger’s Wife Now? ‘Dateline’ Is Covering Their Story

Before there was Dr. Death, our collective fascination with infamous criminal doctors was boiled down to Mark Weinberger, the “Nose Doctor.” As Mark Weinberger flaunted his unearned wealth, he tried to bring his then-wife down with him, but she ultimately prevailed. Although Weinberger went to jail, Kramer went on with the rest of her life.

Michelle Kramer was with Weinberger when he mysteriously disappeared off their docked yacht during her 30th birthday celebration. At first, she thought something could have happened to him, but she started putting the pieces together when she realized that the more than 300 malpractice lawsuits against him were legitimate. 

He left her over $6 million in debt.

Michelle Kramer has now moved on from her tangled past with Mark Weinberger.

Although it’s not easy, Michelle Kramer, Mark Weinberger’s ex-wife, was able to move on from her traumatic experience with her husband. A little refresher: Weinberger was the charming young doctor who opened up his own sinus clinic in the suburbs of Chicago. However, as their marriage started to unravel, Kramer discovered that he was charged with over 300 suits of malpractice.

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Weinberger loved flaunting his wealth: fancy cars, an at-home staff, private jets, and extravagant international shopping sprees. His then-wife thought it was all fun and overwhelming in some ways but still wanted to work. Weinberger convinced her to quit her job, but she insisted on going back to grad school for psychology. 

Mark Weinberger's Ex-Wife Michelle Kramer on the beach

Source: NBC

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Weinberger’s ex-wife is now a doctor herself.

When she was 13, a drunk driver railed into Kramer and damaged her leg. Doctors fixed it, and from then on, she always had a fascination with doctors and was even inspired to become one herself. After Weinberger abandoned her without a trace in Greece, Kramer flew back to the United States.

It was then that she took a year off from school to deal with the aftermath of the devastating event of realizing her husband was a criminal and a narcissist. He had attempted to move them to Europe and to get her to cut off all her friends and family. She was so charmed by him that nothing fazed her until his mysterious disappearance.

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Kramer officially filed for divorce after Weinberger didn’t contact her on their anniversary. She then declared bankruptcy to deal with all of Weinberger’s leftover debts and was able to go back to school using student loans. 

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When Weinberger turned up five years later in 2009, hiding away atop an Alps peak in a tent, clearly evading authorities, Kramer got the closure she needed. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology in Chicago and may even now be running her own practice.

Mark Weinberger's Ex-Wife Michelle Kramer London

Source: NBC

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