Where Is ‘Making It’ Filmed? Its Filming Location Is Unique

Happy Season 3 premiere of Making It to everyone! We don’t know what we did to deserve Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman hosting a DIY show, but we won’t question it. This season, watch a new set of talented contestants compete for $100,000. Jessie Lamworth, Gary Herd, Blake McFarland, Maria Antoinette, Kaviya Ravi, Adam Kingman, Becca Barnet, and Chelsea Andersson roll up their sleeves and create some cool stuff to become the Master Maker!

Wondering where exactly Making It is filmed? Even before the pandemic, we were curious about where the magic happened, but we’re even more tuned in to how and where shows are produced now. Here’s what we know about where Making It is filmed.

Where is ‘Making It’ filmed?

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Since they were shooting for a camp-like setting, Hollywood was pretty much out of the question. James talked to House Beautiful about the location. And although it had a “tricky” 30-degree slope, James and his team still built an 85-foot by 50-foot barn that would be the ultimate backdrop to Making It.

“We wound up creating what’s like a deck patio, building it from the ground up. If you watch while the crafters work, you’ll see some beams running up the walls. Those are hollow, and we fed the light cables through the floor and up the walls, so you wouldn’t notice them in the shot,” James said, also adding that it took around seven months to plan and five weeks to build.

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Do the ‘Making It’ contestants get to take their projects home with them?

It’s unclear if all Making It contestants don’t get to keep their projects when they’re done with them, but the winner of Making It Season 1, Khiem Nguyen, shared that they weren’t able to keep their projects. It seems like the projects are actually donated at the end. In an interview, he said, “No, we didn’t get to keep any of the projects we made. Production talked about donating some of the projects like the kids fort and shed hack.”

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Amy and Nick hope that if the pandemic did anything positive, it was reigniting people’s interest in crafting.

khiem nguyen

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Amy admitted to USA Today that staying home certainly inspired her to create more. Although she cooked and baked more than she crafted! “I took up more cooking and baking than I did crafting, to be very honest. Like most people, I did a lot of painting, rearranging, purging. And some occasional small light (crafts). But I would never deign to say that I did anything particularly interesting,” she said.

What should you expect this season? “It’s going to have the same kind of vibe: A lot of character-based comedy that shows off people’s great skill. Whether it’s food they’re making and baking, or fine art they’re doing or woodworking, watching someone describe their process is so interesting to me. It’ll be more of that. A lot of silly fun,” Amy promises.

Watch new episodes of Making It every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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