Where Is Karl Karlsen Now? Is He Still Alive?

The old adage that greed is the root of all evil is a fitting motto for killer Karl Karlsen. The husband and father of three seemed to be a perfectly normal man amid unlucky tragedies until some large life insurance payouts and suspicions within his family started to arise.

We now know that he killed two of his family members, but is he still alive himself? ABC examines his case in 20/20: Sins of the Father.

It’s been 30 years since Christina Karlsen died in a mysterious house fire which her husband and three children survived. 17 years later, in 2008, one of those children was killed in an “accident” while fixing a truck for his father. In both instances, Karl Karlsen got a major payout. So where is Karlsen now?

Karl Karlsen has now been convicted of murdering his first wife and son, Levi.

Karl Karlsen's burned home

Source: Calaveras County Courts

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However, his children and his sister-in-law were always suspicious due to the fact that the bathroom window was boarded up. Not only that, but her life insurance policy was taken out only 19 days before the “accident.”

Then, in 2008, Karlsen’s son, Levi (who at this point was a father of two daughters himself) was doing some odd jobs for his father to make ends meet. According to Levi’s sisters, he and his father didn’t always see eye-to-eye, so when he took out a life insurance policy just 17 days before his death on his father’s recommendation, suspicions were raised.

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Karl Karlsen's daughters and sister-in-law

Source: ABC

Levi’s handwritten will was notarized the day he died with his father as his sole beneficiary — since Levi had two daughters of his own, this was definitely fishy. So when Levi was crushed to death by the truck he was working on for Karlsen, heads turned. The truck slipped off a single jack, fell on top of him, and although he was still alive when it fell, Karlsen did nothing to try to save his son.

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Is Karl Karlsen still alive today and if so, where is he now?

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Christina Karlsen's grave now

Source: ABC

After that, he may stay there, or he may be moved to Calaveras County Jail in California, where he was found guilty in 2016 for the first-degree murder of his first wife, Christina. There, he has a life sentence without parole, so although Karl Karlsen is still alive, he will be living out the rest of his life behind bars.

Tune into ABC July 9 at 9 p.m. EST to watch 20/20: Sins of the Father.

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