Where Is Juan Catalan’s Daughter Now? What Happened to Her Dad?

As Juan managed to recall in one of his conversations with Todd, he and Melissa went to fetch a snack during a break. On the walk back to their seats, they were stopped by the members of a TV crew, who urged them not to disrupt the taping. In a stroke of luck, the crew member changed his or her mind, allowing Juan and Melissa to walk through. They were caught on camera. 

Armed with the new knowledge, Todd acquired hours and hours’ worth of footage shot for the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, “The Carpool Lane,” in the hope of spotting Juan. Juan promptly appeared in one of the frames. 

“It did seem like kind of a lame story, but I told the lawyer, ‘Go ahead, go crazy. Look at anything you want.’ And we hooked him up with everything from the stadium, all the footage we shot that night,” Larry David told The New Yorker

“I’m there for maybe five minutes, and the lawyer screams out, ‘There he is!'” Larry added. 

Juan’s case didn’t come without further hurdles, but he was able to walk free in the end. In 2007, he was awarded $320,000 as a settlement in a civil lawsuit against the LAPD. 

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