Where Is Jellybean on ‘Riverdale’? She Has Been Kind of MIA — Details

If Jughead dies on Riverdale, then it would be the perfect way to bring Jellybean back into the fold. Right now, he is presumed dead in the telltale flash forward scenes. So if there is any truth to them, then Jellybean will be back soon enough. Of course that would mean that Jughead really does die, though, and no one wants that.

As it stands, Trinity is an integral part of the Riverdale cast regardless of her character’s sudden absence from the show. In July 2019, she told Seventeen magazine that she became good friends with Cole Sprouse, her on-screen brother, when he helped her adjust when she started the series. Hopefully, it means Jellybean isn’t far off from returning to the show before the end of Season 4.

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