Where Is Extreme Competition Show ‘Wipeout’ Filmed?

California is pretty much the birth of the entertainment industry in America. While there are film studios in other places that manage to produce tons of money (China and Bollywood, here’s looking at you), Hollywood is still the world’s oldest and most profitable film market. There’s an insane number of TV shows and movies that are constantly coming out of California to this day, from the Avengers to zany competition shows like Wipeout. But where in Cali is the obstacle course competition show filmed?

The ‘Wipeout’ reboot has three main hosts: John Cena, Nicole Byer, and Camille Kostek.

The WWE star needs no introduction, even if it’s almost impossible to see him while he’s on camera despite his massive frame. Nicole Byer is a comedian, actress, writer, and podcaster who fans of Netflix’s Nailed It! will immediately recognize. Joining the Byer/Cena connection is Camille Kostek: an American model who skyrocketed in popularity following her cover of the 2019 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

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In an interview with The Post, Kostek shared how happy she was that she’d be having yet another appearance in an SI swimsuit issue in the same week it was announced she’d be taking up hosting duties for Wipeout:

“This is a great week, I have to say. I always knew that Wipeout was going to be airing on April 1, but I didn’t know that my reveal for Sports Illustrated swimsuit would be at the top of this week… It’s like all of my dream jobs meshed together, everything’s happening.”

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She also had glowing things to say about her co-hosts John and Nicole: “They’re awesome. They actually worked closer with each other, I was a host in the field, so I was the one really up and personal with the contestants, getting to tell their stories, and be there for those big Wipeout moments.”

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Camille said that the most difficult aspect of her job is balancing a connection with the show’s contestants while simultaneously making sure she’s looking good for the camera: “The best part of my job is [that] I really get to know these contestants, every single one. I’m talking with them, I’m up in their face, I’m so much to the point that when they get off of the obstacle course, from the qualifier to the gauntlet, I’m slimed, I’m wet, they want to hug me and I’m like, ‘Listen, I love you but I gotta stay camera-ready all the time, I don’t have wetsuits on like you guys,” she said.

New episodes of Wipeout will air Thursdays on TBS at 9 p.m. Will you be tuning in?

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