Where Is Emma Papatzanaki from ‘Sexy Beasts’ Now?

SPOILERS for Episode 1 of Sexy Beasts are ahead.

After the breakout success of Love Is Blind, Netflix is back with a new dating series that is also removing looks from the equation. During each episode of Sexy Beasts, one eligible singleton will go on dates with three potential suitors. In order to ensure that there are no superficial influences, all of the contestants will be wearing elaborate, Hollywood-level makeup looks.

Emma Papatzanaki, a Greek-American model, is the subject of the first episode, “Emma the Demon.”

As the title suggests, Emma is wearing devilish makeup and horns as she meets with “The Mandrill” Bennett, “The Mouse” Adam, and “Stone Man” Archie.

Though she wasn’t wooed by the men during the speed dating round, Emma ultimately does pick one of the three men to “unmask.”

Read on to find out who she chooses, and to learn if there’s any update on their relationship status.

Are Emma and Bennett still together from ‘Sexy Beasts’?

“We had crazy chemistry,” Emma explained about her choice. “I didn’t think that I would feel that way about somebody here.”

The former professional volleyball player referred to their first meeting without the costumes as a “fairytale ending.”

Before the episode concluded, Emma and Bennett shared another kiss — and it seemed like a true connection had been formed in front of the cameras.

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Source: Netflix

The two have not shared whether they are still an item or not after filming the Netflix series. However, there are a few clues on social media to suggest that they are not romantically involved.

Emma and Bennett do not follow one another on Instagram, though the model does follow her runner-up, Archie Roach.

The Sexy Beasts lead tagged Archie in a post about the show on July 21. She notably did not tag Bennett, though he was included in one of Emma’s photos.

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Emma also confirmed that she is single in a vlog she posted on YouTube in February 2021.

In the video, the model shared that she was dealing with her “newfound single life,” and that she had previously dealt with “a lot of toxic relationships.”

She did not mention Bennett or any of her exes by name in the vlog.

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