Where Is ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Filmed? It’s in Kentucky, Where They Live

The TLC show 1000-Lb. Sisters is finally giving us Season 2 and we get to see Amy and Tammy Slaton continue on with their weight loss journey. The show is filmed in Kentucky where the sisters are from, but they take trips to Georgia for consultations with their doctor, Charles Procter Jr. 

Now, in Season 2, Amy is pregnant, which could be dangerous for her health, and Tammy is struggling to keep her weight down.

Amy from ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ got pregnant shortly after weight loss surgery.

Tammy and Amy, like so many of us, are dealing with weight gain while quarantining. But the reasons for this are different for both of them. Amy found out she’s pregnant. She’s wanted to have a baby for a while, but her health and weight were obstacles in her way. The only issue with this now is she got weight loss surgery just a few months prior. 

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Weight loss surgery takes a toll on people’s bodies. Amy underwent a gastric bypass and according to Medline Plus, the surgery involves making the stomach smaller and removing some of the small intestines. This physically limits the amount of food someone can eat and limits the number of carbs they absorb so they can lose weight.

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But having a baby also involves big changes to the body. The Office of Women’s Health talks about all kinds of changes like sleep issues, swelling, dizziness, and more. 

Amy getting pregnant so soon after having the surgery could be dangerous with all the strain on her body. She even said in a teaser for Season 2 that she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant so soon. “Doctor Procter told me to wait two years,” she said. “Oops.”

In an exclusive with People, Tammy also mentioned that she was scared for her sister. “I was feeling all sorts of things,” Tammy said. “I was mad and sad and worried about her health and safety since it was so soon after her surgery.”

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Today Parents also spoke to the board-certified bariatric surgeon at Grand View Health in Pennsylvania, Dr. Michael Fishman, who said Amy is at high risk for a miscarriage. 

“We know the risk of miscarriage is extremely high in the first 12 to 18 months after having weight loss surgery,” Fishman said. “Your body is working so hard to help this fetus grow but at the same time, you’re dropping all this weight. It’s counterintuitive to what a body should be doing during a pregnancy.”

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