Where Did Josie Go on ‘Riverdale’? The Pussycats May Be Back

Some fans might have forgotten, but in Season 3, Josie leaves the show to pursue her music career with her father. She returns briefly in the Season 5 episode with Fred Andrews’ funeral, but that’s it. She never really gets a proper send-off or an official “goodbye, Josie” episode, either. But Josie’s exit also comes with her introduction on another show.

Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie on Riverdale, moved to Katy Keene to play more of a central character. In it, Josie got the chance to pursue music in New York City.

“I definitely pictured her making it to New York,” Ashleigh told Collider of Josie’s journey. “What’s great is that I still don’t know what next step she’s gonna take. I don’t know how her life is gonna unfold, now that she’s in this city, but the fact that she’s made it there, is 100 percent where I wanted her to go.”

Katy Keene, the unofficial Riverdale spin-off, premiered in 2020 and factors into the franchise because the title character also happens to be a good friend of Veronica’s. The timeline in the show is also set years ahead of Riverdale‘s. So when Riverdale had its time jump and caught up with Katy Keene, it made sense for Josie to eventually return to Riverdale, if only for a little while.

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