Where Can You Buy John Wayne Gacy’s Art? — It’s Pretty Pricey

While you aren’t likely to find authentic Gacy art on eBay, there are places online that claim to have original artwork you can bid on. BidSquare.com, for example, has a number of Gacy paintings up for auction. Some are variations of a clown skull, while one is a self-portrait of Gacy as Pogo the Clown; another painting shows a wave crashing onto a beach.

The seller who listed these didn’t provide proof of authenticity, but there’s a chance they would upon purchase. MurderAuction.com also listed an allegedly original Gacy oil painting in March 2021 with a starting bid of $8,000.

And in 2018, there was an art auction in Philadelphia in which some of Gacy’s other artwork, including yet another self-portrait that sold for $7,500, was put up for sale.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/where-to-buy-john-wayne-gacy-art

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