When Will There Be More ‘Animal Crossing’ amiibo Cards?

Due to the popular demand for the amiibo cards, Nintendo released a limited run of Sanrio-inspired Animal Crossing amiibo cards, featuring villagers inspired by Sanrio characters and themed furniture to go along with it. 

Many players who tried to snag this limited run from Target were very disappointed, though, as most of the stock sold out in minutes. This left players frustrated as they tried to hunt down any pack of the cards near them.

These players vocalized their frustration on social media, sharing screenshots of their failed purchases on Twitter and Facebook.

Many who managed to get the cards to their cart would get an error message before they could check out, reading, “Sorry, the item you are trying to add is no longer available.”

“I haven’t seen a single person say they successfully secured the Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards,” one Twitter user said.

“Anyone else wake up early to try to get the Sanrio Animal Crossing amiibo cards and bots got everything?” another tweeted.

Right now, players looking to get their hands on these special edition cards will have to pay scalpers’ prices on eBay (which are easily seven times the original price) or wait for a potential restock. 

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