When Is the ‘Supergirl’ Series Finale? The Series Ends After Season 6

Although the CW hasn’t announced when exactly the series finale of Supergirl will be, we can use some guesswork to figure it out. Plus, we have learned about some details of the second half of the season. Deadline announced that Azie Tesfai will be returning as Kelly Olsen in the twelfth episode of the final season of Supergirl.

Not only that, but the hints that Kelly would take over the shield from her brother, James Olsen, will finally come full circle in the same episode, titled “Blind Spots.” Since Deadline announced that this episode would air on Sept. 21, we can make some predictions about when the series finale will air.

It’s been announced that there will be 20 episodes of the final season of Supergirl, so if it airs every week after Sept. 21, the 20th episode will be on Nov. 16. This means we have to wait until almost Thanksgiving until we’ll learn the fate of Supergirl.

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