When Is Tana Mongeau Dropping a New Song? There’s Been New Rumors

Tana hasn’t let on as to whether or not she’s planning to drop a full-length album. Could it be that the “new music” she’s promising includes an album?

We think it’s unlikely that there’s a whole album coming soon, mostly because a lot of her singles have been one-offs and sporadic when they drop. She also doesn’t talk much about releasing a full album, so it might be that her only music releases will be singles.

That said, it’s possible she might drop an EP instead of a full-length album, and if she did, it would likely include some of her previous tracks, but we’ll have to see what she decides to do.

Tana has the resources to produce an album, though. She’s close friends with Elijah Daniel, who goes by the stage name Lil Phag. He’s released two full-length albums, as well as a series of singles. Tana has even appeared on some of these tracks. If she wants to drop an album, we know who she can talk to.

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