When Is ‘Superman & Lois’ Coming Back? What We Know About Season 2

We now know that at least two new series regulars will be arriving for Season 2. The first, of course, is Tayler Buck, who most recently appeared in Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living. According to showrunner Todd Helbing, Tayler’s character, Natalie, won’t repeat John Henry’s storyline. She’s clearly not happy that Lois is with Clark in this world, but her overall plot won’t just be about an inability to trust Superman. Instead, more of her story will focus on being the daughter that this world’s Lois never had.

The new season will also explore John Henry more, as we’ll see him as a parent. “Now, we’re going to dive into what it means for him as a parent — the things you would do for your kids, even if it means putting yourself in harm’s way,” Todd told TVLine.

We’ll also see John Henry continue to deal with the fact that, in this world, his wife is right in front of him, but she’s someone else’s wife. This has been an ongoing struggle for John Henry, but with his daughter now with him, more feelings and frustrations will arise.

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