When Does ‘Superman & Lois’ Take Place? It’s Not an Origin Story

With different earths merged to make one, all bets are off, in a way. This means that if Lex Luthor, Clark’s former friend and, more accurately, a big bad, shows up, he could be totally different than fans remember him. Right now, there is no mention of him on the IMDb cast list, but according to some rumors, there will be a villain who is like Lex from another version of Earth.

It’s honestly a lot to handle, but if you are already a comic book fan or someone who has followed the intricate crossover plots of shows like Arrow and Supergirl, then understanding when Superman & Lois takes place and the world they are living in shouldn’t be too difficult. You probably shouldn’t miss an episode, though.

Watch Superman and Lois on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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