When Does Flick Come in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’? Be Patient!

Whereas Blathers hates accepting your bugs (and doesn’t even pay your for them!), Flick loves them and pays way more than Nook brothers. In fact, Flick will offer you 150% of each bug’s normal value. That means that if you give him a Man-faced Stink Bug, which is typically worth 1,000 bells (and which has, inarguably, the best name of any bug in the game), Flick will give you 1,500 bells.

If you really don’t mind being patient and waiting for Flick to appear, you can stack your bugs on the island and just wait until he appears to sell them. In an ideal world, you could travel to a tarantula island (or make your own!) and save them until Flick arrives — he’ll pay you a cool 12,000 bells per tarantula (they’re usually worth 8,000 bells apiece). Sure, your island may look downright bizarre and be a little tricky to navigate due to all of the tarantula terrariums, but… money!

Flick also offers commissions of bug art for the islander with exotic tastes. All you have to do is give him three specimens of the same type of bug, and he’ll craft a model for you (he’ll send it in the mail the next day). 

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Note that you can only commission one bug at a time from Flick, so if you’re trying to recreate the museum’s bug exhibit in your home, it’s gonna take awhile. Happy bug hunting (and bell earning)!

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