What’s the Meaning of “FAOTP” on Snapchat? It May Surprise You!

It’s never easy being away from your friends and loved ones, but luckily, we basically live in the future and there are approximately one zillion ways to stay in touch even when we can’t see people in person. One of those methods of staying in touch is Snapchat! Whether you’re sending a quick pic or keeping up a years-long Snapstreak with your BFF, there’s a good chance that you already spend plenty of time on the messaging app.

Of course, even if you spend all day sending snaps, there are always going to be new things to learn when it comes to Snapchat vernacular. It seems like there’s a new acronym or initialism pretty much every week! The latest one that has people puzzled is “FAOTP.” What’s the meaning of that?

What’s the meaning of “FAOTP” on Snapchat?

As easy as it sounds to FAOTP with someone, it seems as though there are some definite guidelines you should stick to before a FAOTP call. Most importantly, even though the plan is to fall asleep eventually, it’s considered bad form to fall asleep immediately upon joining the call. In other words, FAOTP-ing isn’t really recommended for incredibly sleepy people.

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You can FAOTP with someone with a standard phone call, a FaceTime call, a Snapchat call, or any other live chat apps so you can actually see each other fall asleep. Or, well, one person can watch the other person fall asleep, anyway. 

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