What’s the Meaning Behind “Demon Time” in Beyoncé’s “Savage Remix”?

One thing that can be said about this time of quarantine is that it sure is bringing people together. Well, not physically, but emotionally and creatively. From a Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande duet to a Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj remix, it looks like a lot of artists are doing their best to provide their listeners with new content in this strange, strange time.

And while the remix is straight fire, some fans were left with a few questions. Number one: Did anyone know that Beyoncé could rap like that? Number two: what the heck is the meaning of “demon time”? The answer to the first question is obviously, “Duh! Of course she could. It’s Beyoncé!” But the second question’s answer is a little more complicated.

What is the meaning of “demon time”?

In “Savage Remix”, Beyoncé sings, “Hips Tik-Tok when I dance / On that demon time, she might start an OnlyFans.” While many Gen Zers and youngers Millennials might be laughing at us old folks who have no idea what demon time is, we will freely admit that the first thing that we did when we heard the song was try to figure out what the phrase means. 

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Women jumped at the chance to be featured on his livestreams and his followers were more than happy to watch the girls dance and strip. So Justin got the idea to monetize it and began the Respectfully Justin Show. Each night, dancers would come on and he would pin the dancer’s Cash App username to the top of the feed so people could tip the women. The audience has taken to calling the dancers “demons”.

The dancers themselves don’t mind the moniker and have taken to saying that they’re in a sort of demon sisterhood or demon community. The time in which women are using Instagram to be “demons” is essentially demon time.

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But, wait, what’s OnlyFans?

The second part of Beyoncé’s line claims that “she might start an OnlyFans”. Now, if you know what an OnlyFans is, you’d probably be able to guess that you’re not actually going to find Beyoncé’s account anytime soon. 

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On OnlyFans, fans of a certain content creator can subscribe to the creator’s account and get regular access to content that can’t be seen on other forms of social media. This can mean a lot of different things, like a fitness influencer regularly posting workout routines they don’t share elsewhere, or a food blogger sharing daily recipes.

But, most often, OnlyFans is used by those in the adult entertainment industry so that they can monetize nude or sexual videos and photos. Since many social media platforms block fully nude photos or videos or anything that’s deemed too sexual, OnlyFans remains a place where those in the adult entertainment industry can basically share whatever they want and get paid for it.

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