What to Know About the Popular Technique

After seeing his success with this technique, other players have followed suit by imitating the clever strategy. In fact, it’s been used by several other successful champions who made headlines for using this method, including Arthur Chu and James Holzhauer. 

Arthur, who made his debut on the show in 2014, had an 11-game streak and racked up over $297,200 in winnings after using the technique. But fans weren’t too happy with his tactics, which they considered controversial, and they found him too aggressive. Meanwhile, James had a 32-game streak and won more than $2 million, making him the second-highest winner in Jeopardy! and the third-highest-earning contestant in American game show history.

It’s also been reported that Ken Jennings, the highest-earning game show contestant, has employed this method before, although he didn’t rely on it as often. 

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