What Is the Wave House on TikTok? It’s a New Group of Content Creators

Even though TikTok is enjoyed by people of almost every age, it’s clear that becoming part of a content creator collective is a young man’s game. There are multiple groups of these young creators on the platform, including U.K.’s own Wave House. But because it’s so new, people have lots of questions about it.

Some are wondering what the Wave House even is, while others have latched on to the collective’s mysterious method of revealing its members one by one after hiding their respective identities behind masks. And before they had even released any official content, they already had more than 1 million TikTok followers and almost 10 million likes on their handful of videos.

The Wave House is doing something right, even if some of their newfound fans don’t quite know what they are doing at all.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/what-is-the-wave-house-tiktok

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