What Is the Meaning of “Yonaguni”? A Look at Bad Bunny’s New Song

The location in question is a part of the Yaeyama Islands, which are roughly 67 miles from the coast of Eastern Taiwan.

Yonaguni, which also lies directly between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, was a former U.S. territory. It has since been returned to Japan and has become a popular destination in the area.

The music video for the song provides an even deeper level of context into how hard Bad Bunny is feeling heartbroken in this song. In it, fans are treated to colorful visuals of the star being shown exactly what he’s missing by not having the woman he loves. Sadly walking dogs alone, making eggs in an odd way, watching the sunset while a nearby couple rocks a car, and other elements all tie into the overall meaning of how profoundly losing someone you love can affect you.

All in all, Bad Bunny’s message is clear: He would fly all the way to Asia just to be with the woman he loves, and wants others to know that distance should not be the deciding factor in loving someone.

Although it clearly has personal meaning to him, the release of “Yonaguni” is also the lead-off into his forthcoming tour, El Ultimo Tour del Mundo. The tour begins in Denver on Feb. 9, 2022, and will end in Miami on April 1, 2022.

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