What Is the Final Jeopardy Clue and Answer for August 10?

The Aug. 10 clue is likely referring to Utopia, a book that was published in Latin by Englishman Sir Thomas More (who is Saint Thomas More in the Catholic Church) in the 16th century.

The book focuses on an island called Utopia, which is a perfect fictional place for people to live, and to share both work and resources. The work itself is a satire that depicts the social, political, and economic customs of the Utopian people.

The Utopians try to avoid war and controversy, but when they have to fight, they enlist the help of mercenaries called Zapoletes.

When the Zapoletes are hired, the Utopian citizens can avoid going to war themselves. However, the Utopians use their own generals to lead the Zapolete soldiers.

In the book, the fighting nature of the Zapoletes is juxtaposed with the peaceful Utopians.

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