What Is the #CryBabyChallenge? Details on Megan Thee Stallion’s Dance

In a world full of TikTok dances, some fans of Megan found the dance to be too difficult. While TikTok is saturated with dance challenges, there is something particularly harder about the “Cry Baby” dance. Some users have taken different spins on it, adding moves or adding a partner to the dance to try and make it a bit easier. However, fans vocalized their frustration in Megan’s comment section on Instagram. 

“That’s too much to remember…I quit,” one user wrote. Another person commented, “Meg…I’m begging at this point…” Some others went in with the opposite approach, joking that the moves to the dance were a bit corny. One user joked, “I feel like I’m watching a defensive lineman dance in the endzone after he scoops a fumble.” “They look like the Sims characters dancing,” a fourth quipped. 

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