What Is Josiah Victoria Garcia’s Gender? ‘Party of Five’ Star Details

Trans non-binary star Garcia got their acting start quite fortuitously, while living in Chicago at 17. Standing at a train station in Chicago, where they were raised, Garcia bumped into a friend who was with a youth leader. The youth leader would later become Garcia’s mentor and invited them to an open mic session where they performed their poetry.

“A month and a half later, that same mentor invited me to be in one of his plays,” Garcia tells i-D. “It was at a not-for-profit theater and it was a play that was co-written and co-directed by Chicago urban city youth. We were writing about the violence that black and brown people experience in Chicago.”

“That was my introduction to theater, to acting, to art, to politics, to radical activism, sociology,” they continued. “It was an introduction to a whole new world that I had no idea about.” 

After having their eyes opened to this whole new world of possibility, Garcia moved to New York where they are currently studying at NYU. 

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