What Is Grimes’ Back Tattoo Meaning? It’s Pretty Straightforward

People know Grimes and her partner Elon Musk individually and together for their eccentricities. So when Grimes shared a photo on Instagram of a white-ink back tattoo, it was just another day in the life.

Her tattoo, which she described on the social media platform as depicting “beautiful alien scars,” takes up her entire back and appears to be a mass of interlocking swirls meant to look like actual scars, rather than your typical colorful body ink.

Even though Grimes explained what the tattoo is, some of her fans are confused about what it actually means to her. Elon is known as the billionaire ready to fly everyone to Mars, so we know the couple share a love for outer space — but is that what prompted Grimes to get the tattoo? It’s a question on many minds right now.

Grimes shares Elon Musk’s love of space.

“Manual labor until death most likely,” she wrote as an explanation for what life would be like on Mars. “But hopefully that can change.”

Grimes’ back tattoo is a testament to her and Elon’s shared love of science, outer space, and, presumably, aliens. But there doesn’t seem to be any deeper meaning than that.

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