What Is Amanda Gorman’s Net Worth? The Poet Is an Ascendent Star

In part because of how much her career has blown up in recent months, it’s hard to say for sure exactly what Amanda’s net worth is. One estimate suggested that, even before she spoke at the inauguration, Amanda’s net worth was roughly $2 million. In a recent interview with Vogue, Amanda discussed the many financial opportunities she’s been offered since the inauguration. 

Amanda said that she has said “no” to roughly $17 million in deals since Jan. 20, although she did sign with IMG Models just days after the ceremony. “I didn’t really look at the details, because if you see something and it says a million dollars you’re going to rationalize why that makes sense,” Amanda said of one offer that she had received. She explained that she’s tried to keep her own goals in mind, in spite of the enormous fees she’s being offered. 

“I have to be conscious of taking commissions that speak to me,” she explained. 

In her interview with Vogue, Amanda also acknowledged that her meteoric rise was the result of not just her own hard work, but also the work of the people around her.  

“It took so much labor, not only on behalf of me, but also of my family and of my village, to get here,” she said. 

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