What Happened to WhistlinDiesel? The YouTuber Details His Horrifying Accident

The famed motorsport and firearms enthusiast told his nearly one million followers on Instagram that he had been struck by a stray bullet that ricocheted during firing tests for a .50 caliber rifle. Cody insinuated that he was practicing his shot with the deadly long arm that can have an effective range of over a mile to see if the chambered round could pierce steel plates that were set into the ground in front of him. 

While conducting the aforementioned tests, Cody seemingly placed one of his shots at a bad angle, causing the bullet to ricochet back and graze him in the forehead, just barely missing a full-on impact. The photos he shared of the accident after the fact show a clear bullet mark on his forehead as well as a fully bloodied face. The photo he shared injury of the injury can be viewed below. 

(Warning: Graphic Content)

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-to-whistlindiesel

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