What Happened to Trick Daddy’s Face? Lupus Diagnosis, Mugshot

Trick Daddy’s appearance is due to his Lupus diagnosis. Back in 2009, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, which can create dry, patchy skin, as well as other visible skin problems.

“I went to the doctor, and we took all types of tests,” Trick Daddy said, according to Hip Hop DX. “I was trying to get rid of Acid—for dry skin that black folks used to have. She did biopsies and all types of blood tests and told me I had the disease Lupus.”

Lupus convinces the body to attack healthy cells and causes inflammation of the skin and joints, as well as damage to some of the body’s vital organs. It can be maintained with intense medical treatment, but cannot be cured. Trick Daddy has subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus, specifically, which causes skin lesions when the skin is exposed to the sun.

But after many rounds of exhausting treatment, Trick Daddy decided to end treatment altogether.

“I stopped taking any medicine that they was giving me,” Trick told Hip Hop DX, “because for every medicine they gave me I had to take a test or another medicine every thirty days or so to make sure that medicine wasn’t causing side effects – dealing with kidney or liver failure…I just said all together I ain’t taking no medicine.”

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