What Happened to the Ace Family? Breaking Down All Their Drama

Their channel has 17.7 million followers, and fans have loved the couple for their cute relationship and for sharing everything from a marriage proposal, to gender reveals, to their day-to-day family life.

In recent months, there have been multiple rumors circulating that Austin has been cheating on Catherine. In a video that Cole posted on YouTube on Oct. 14, he spoke about how one of his close friends called him after she claims she was raped by Austin in a home he rented in Miami. The shocking video details the alleged assault and how Austin tried to cover it up. So what exactly happened to the ACE Family?

What happened to the ACE Family?

Cole began his video by discussing the infidelity/breakup rumors in the ACE Family. He said that Austin and Catherine are rarely seen in public together, but that he never expected to hear anything beyond rumors of Austin being a cheater.

“I thought it was weird that Catherine wasn’t at Austin’s birthday party,” Cole said. “I thought it was weird that I saw him out at clubs multiple times without Catherine. That’s none of my business, whatsoever, not a big deal.”

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After, Cole tweeted about Austin being unfaithful to Catherine, and for being a bad example to his two young daughters. Cole’s tweet went viral, and fans urged him to make a video expanding on his cryptic tweet. 

In the video, Cole said that he thought fans were aware that Austin and Catherine had a fake relationship, but when he realized that people believed that the pair was together, he felt more inclined to make a video that included his friend’s story.

Source: YouTube

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Cole also posted screenshots of multiple direct message (DM) exchanges between Austin and other women. Cole claims he was sent these DMs by fans to give further proof that he’s been cheating on Catherine for a while, and that he’s assaulted other women before. 

In one of the DMs, a woman claims that she is pregnant with Austin’s child. Austin allegedly responded with comments like, “don’t say s–t to anyone else” and “WTF man that baby probably isn’t mine anyway.”

Other messages from fans claimed that Austin would get hotel suites for women so he could cheat on Catherine. After Cole’s initial tweet went viral, one of Austin’s team members texted Cole’s friend about how it would be in her best interest to be quiet about telling her story of interacting with Austin. The chilling messages read as a threat, and Cole posted them in the video to show the extent of Austin’s apparent web of lies.

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Source: YouTube

In his video, Cole went on to say that the threat made by Austin’s team meant nothing to him, as he had never signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and therefore, he could speak freely. He said that he was contacted by a media outlet to talk more about the story, and Cole did. But, the coverage was never released, and the reporter said that he was paid $500k by the ACE family to keep it quiet.

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Cole called his friend, and her story about the incident was chilling.

During the rest of the video, Cole posted various pieces of photo and text proof to corroborate his friend’s story, including bloody sheets from the room that the women were allegedly assaulted in. 

He claimed that his friend had been in Miami with a second woman, who also was assaulted. He then called the second woman (so not the woman who called him when the incident first happened). He altered her voice so her identity could remain private. 

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Source: YouTube

The woman said that she was very drunk, and claims that she was raped by Austin’s former teammate. She said that she never consented and that he forced himself on her. She claims that Austin raped the other woman, and that his father, Allen McBroom, entered the room as well and failed an attempt to also force himself on one of the women. 

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Cole said that his intention in posting this video was not to break up the ACE Family or to affect Austin’s kids. He said that he doesn’t like to see someone continue getting success when they’ve taken advantage of people before. Austin has yet to respond to Cole’s damning video.

Watch Cole’s emotional video about exposing Austin McBroom’s actions below. Trigger warning: the video contains messages, audio, and pictures pertaining to sexual assault. 

If you need support, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit RAINN.org to chat online one-on-one with a support specialist at any time.

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