What Happened to Tatiana and Teddy on ‘Black Ink Crew’? It Isn’t Pretty

What happened between Tatiana and Teddy on Black Ink Crew?

When asked about how things are going with Teddy, Tatti says in a clip from the show, “We’re okay. We’re working through some things… You know me, like, sometimes my approach comes off aggressive. So I just need to work on how I react to things.”

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The redheaded beauty admits she overreacted after catching Teddy flirting with Krystal, but Kitty and Bae tell her she has a right to be concerned. The pair reveals to Tatti that they saw Teddy and Krystal having dinner together. 

Needless to say, Tatti doesn’t take the news well. “I’m f–king shocked,” she tells the camera in a confessional. “Obviously, Teddy and Krystal are f–king on the low and he definitely had no intention of letting me know since I had to hear it from Kitty and Bae.”

The Long Island native immediately storms off to confront her boyfriend as Kitty and Bae realize what they’ve started. “Tatti, don’t kill Teddy,” Bae pleads while chasing after the 30-year-old. The promo ends with Tatti bursting into Teddy’s hotel room.

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Tatti becomes a nightmare to work with.

Later in the episode, Krystal and Kitty get a much-needed break from Tatti while the crew is in Los Angeles. 

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“All that drama, all that animosity. It’s been getting on my nerves,” Krystal shares. Having recently been promoted, Kitty says Tatti is “power-tripping” and using her new job to gain some semblance of control in her life. 

“She mad about what’s going on with her and Teddy, so she like, ‘F–k it. I’m gonna have some control somewhere,’ and her control is in her position,” Kitty explains before adding in a confessional, “Tatti better lose this attitude before she get her a– whooped.”

The Black Ink brand ambassador encourages Krystal to confront Tatti on her “bulls–t.”

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