What Happened to Svetlana on ‘Shameless’? She Got Her Happily-Ever-After

Through the years, some pretty major characters have come and gone on the popular Showtime series Shameless. Fiona, Sean, Sheila, Trevor — these are just a few among the list of characters to which viewers have had to say goodbye. And unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your personal feelings for her,) Svetlana has also left the storyline.

Played by Isidora Goreshter, Svetlana was a spunky Russian sex worker who was part of Shameless for five season. During her time on the series, she ended up getting pregnant, married, and divorced. There was also a complicated love triangle involving Svetlana, Kevin, and Veronica — ultimately leading to Svetlana marrying Veronica in order to not be deported. Those who took a break from the show not long after that — or those simply missed a few key episodes over the past two years — might have no clue what happened to Svetlana.

Svetlana’s send-off was extremely fitting.

After becoming a “throuple,” Svetlana practically took over Kevin and Veronica’s bar — not to mention crowded out the relationship they had already built together. Which is why Kevin and Veronica decided they needed to find someone else for her to marry. 

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what ever happened to svetlana

And there you have it! Although Svetlana was only supposed to be a one-time character on Shameless during Season 3, she ended up sticking around through Season 8. In the end, she married a rich, senile old man named Rupert. And many viewers would agree this was a “happily-ever-after” send-off for Svetlana.

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