What Happened to Steve Doocy From ‘Fox & Friends?’ Is He Still on TV?

Weekday co-host for Fox & Friends, Steve Doocy has been a morning staple across the country. Whether people are getting ready for their workday or getting their kids ready for school, he’s right there helping millions with their morning routines. Many of his fans seem to enjoy the pro-Trump stance he’s held over the years, although that seems to have softened.

Whatever his views are now, fans haven’t seen Steve behind the Fox & Friends desk and there’s been no mention of him missing from the program. So, where did he go and when will he be back? He’s been really quiet on all of his social media and doesn’t dive much into his personal life. 

Steve and his fans don’t always agree.

Steve is a big figure in conservative spaces with his position on Fox & Friends, but that doesn’t mean he and his fans always agree. Face masks, for example, have been a big point of conflict. Trump and many of his followers had always been against wearing them but Steve had actually been in favor of them. 

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In October 2020, Steve posted a video of himself wearing a mask in a Walmart on Instagram. “Here in Jersey you gotta wear a mask, obviously,” he said in the caption. “But here’s the thing about Walmart. It’s the exclusive place where you can get our cookbook that has a tailgating chapter in it, a bunch of recipes on how to make your tailgate special, only available at Walmart.” 

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The comments were full of people telling him off about wearing a mask. In fact, the negativity got so bad that the comments section of that post had to be removed. Steve isn’t backing down from his stance that masks are an important part of fighting the coronavirus and has continued to support them throughout the pandemic. It seems like this is just going to be one of those issues he disagrees with Trump about. 

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