What Happened To Sexy Vegan? His 15 Minutes of Fame Didn’t Last Long

Sexy Vegan originally appeared in the episode of Dr. Phil titled “My Brother Changed His Name to ‘Sexy Vegan,’ Wears Speedos in Public and is Spending My Mom’s $11 Million Inheritance!” If that wasn’t enough to get his name out there, he apparently legally changed his name and has since been running at least one Instagram account dedicated to showing off his face tattoos and the same wild and off the wall behavior that  made him a memorable Dr. Phil guest.

In April 2020, a video of Sexy Vegan was posted on YouTube in which he was shown outside of a restaurant in West Hollywood standing inside the sunroof of a taxi with the words “eat ass, not animals” spray-painted on it. 

It also featured his .net website and a poster of his face with the words “before they were famous” printed on it. He might still be a wild and mysterious character, and it doesn’t look like Sexy Vegan is ready to give up his shtick.

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/what-happened-to-sexy-vegan

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