What Happened to Sami Zayn’s WWE Title? He’s Being Stripped of It

Sami Zayn is no longer the WWE Intercontinental Champion even though he remains undefeated. The wrestling star was stripped from his title, according an announcement made from the organization. On Tuesday, May 12, the WWE Backstage announced that Sami is not able to compete in the upcoming SmackDown, and as a result, he has been stripped of his title. So, what happened to Sami Zayn and why won’t he compete?

Sami Zayn responded to the title strip.

Not long after the tweet went out from the WWE, Sami replied with his own statement, saying he does not agree with the company’s decision. 

“I disagree with this decision and no matter what anyone says, I am still undefeated and therefore still the Intercontinental Champion,” he wrote in the tweet. 

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Just about 12 hours after the WWE on Fox made the public decision to strip Sami from the title, the company tweeted out a question to their fans, asking, “The new Intercontinental Champion should be: ____________________________!” and that didn’t sit very well with the current champ. 

Sami replied back writing, “Ashamed of themselves.”

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It’s clear he’s not going to take this stripping of his title laying down. Although he may not be able to compete right now, reportedly due to the pandemic, his fans believe he will reclaim that title soon enough. 

“You were robbed,” one person tweeted back. Another said, “he will get the title back once he starts competing again.” 

And another says the people at the WWE deserve better, tweeting, “There’s a pandemic on smooth brain. Disgusting the company making folk work during this, not to mention MASS FIRINGS. Sami and everyone at WWE deserves better working conditions.” 

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